Kick Adhesion Issues to the Curb with Wikoff Digital Primers

So you invested in a digital press to add to your operations’ capabilities, but now you need help. Maybe you’re having adhesion problems on pint glasses or the rough, recycled paper that the customer’s graphic design team selected is anything but an ideal print surface. Now what? The Wikoff Digital chemists have heard this story countless times, so they created a solution—an extensive line of primers for digital applications. Instead of making expensive substrate swaps, these products can be applied to prime the print surface, ensuring it is ready to accept the ink.

At this time, Wikoff Digital offers a set of standard primers to assist with varying levels of adhesion challenges for energy-cure and water-based applications on a variety of substrates.

In addition to the standard list of primers, Wikoff Digital also offers custom formulation and can develop a product to suit your specific application. Simply send in samples of your substrate and ink to our R&D center, and the team will develop your very own formula.

What if you don’t currently run Wikoff Digital ink? While these primers are engineered to work best with Wikoff Digital inkjet products, they are not limited to our inks. We’ve assisted several customers with primers prior to earning their ink business.

Call or click to learn more about Wikoff Digital primers and see the difference they can make for you today.